Battle of The Strands 2017: Xtreme Beauty October 22, 2017

Are you extreme enough to see it live?

Welcome to the creative battle to end all battles, the Battle of the Strands, the extreme beauty show featuring your favorite stylists and salons from across the country. An epic showdown of extreme genius in hair, makeup, wardrobe, and styling with limited time and unlimited creativity!

Thousands will enter, but only one will have the skills and endurance to emerge with the title. Will you be there to witness the best in beauty and styling compete under the hot lights, glamour, and glitz of America’s playground, the Las Vegas strip?

Witness the creation of gravity-defying hair-dos at death-defying heights, and fantasy looks inspired by the magic of the city that never sleeps—complete with lions, tigers, mummies, castles, and of course, the legendary Las Vegas showgirls.

Be front row center as impossible situations, shocking surprises, and incredible challenges unfold before your eyes. This is not your momma's beauty show! Are you extreme enough to watch your favorites stylists and salons do battle?

Buy your tickets today.

Watch the final battle, the Battle of the Strands, live in Las Vegas this October. Buy your tickets today before they’re all gone.