Art & Beauty Unbound Student Competition

Are you a Michael Angelo of Beauty?


This fall, the Hard Rock Hotel Casino, Las Vegas becomes the arena where the most talented students of Art and Beauty will show the world astounding creations, challenged by a first-of-it's-kind student competition called Art & Beauty Unbound.

Our Message
The world & the business of Beauty is transforming, with students of art &beauty at the center of it. The world must appreciate & support the students.

Our Mission
We aim to nourish the seeds of an artist within every student of art, fashion design & cosmetology, in the era of social media and digital technology.

a.We create a platform for support, where companies can see the great talent & work of your students in a whole new light.
b. We promote their work through video submissions and posting on a YouTube Television Channel that will feature their amazing creations for the world to see
c.We aim to create a scholarship fund to help talented students continue receiving the education they need, against the most trying political and economic times.

Our Process
•Digital Art students (web, audio, video, graphic design &fashion) and Beauty students (hair & makeup, cosmetology) can be a part of this national challenge by each choosing a  team with 3 members each.

* They will create the best video representation to present their artisticВ creation that answers the question:
"In a medium that drives you, present Las Vegas in a new and compelling way".

*They will upload their videos on YouTube and will send us an email with a link to:В (include contact details & your email address)

•There are no limits to creativity as they make their videos using all the elements of art and music to present their masterpiece. To stand out among the thousands, they must push all boundaries and limits.

*Video entries will be judged by a panel of judges, with America voting online to finally find the 14 teams, 7 in each category, who have presented extreme creativity and extreme passion above the rest.

•The finalists will be combined to form 7 teams with 6 students each. Together they will create  a final showcase.

•Their work will be displayed at the Mane, Style & Face Forum.  Entries will be judged by prominent industry judges, respected corporations and the public, who will come to view the exhibits through site voting.

Are you extreme enough? You are invited to find out!

An Invitation to Schools of Art and Beauty Your School is invited to participate by promoting the competition and encouraging your most talented students.В  What they will gain from participating goes way beyond what a typical classroom lecture will provide.

1. Student entries into the competition could be used as class projects in specific classes.

2. As contenders in the competition, working as a team of 3, students from different departments in the same school, can join forces and combine their creativity

3. Since this competition is part of the Mane, Style and Face Forum, Students benefit from a unique social learning process as part of this 3 day event, a real-world experience of networking with professionals in the industry.

4. Students would submit their project, a written report, and a team presentation to their designated class instructor.

5. Students would be able to add this experience to their resume and professional portfolio.

Log on to Mane,Style&Face Forum Event Page, for more information.